Originally I was planning on comparing S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta) on an episode-by-episode basis but because I'm running behind and I want to get caught up on the seasons, I will be changing my plans with S.P.D. and I will just take pictures of various things that is of note such as new footage of arsenal, zords, cockpits, monsters and things of that nature.

Power Rangers Arsenal






Kat Ranger and her Morpher

Nova Ranger and Morpher


They created this completely from scratch, this was not in Dekaranger for Kat Ranger (she was called DekaSwan in Dekaranger) so they had to re-do all of the special effects  



Reinforcements from SPD's HQ  

Gruumm and Broodwing's Soldiers and their Objects


    and weapon





Tomars' Laptop


Not certain with this shot of Guard and Green Eyes, could be Sentai, could be original, hard to say.

This shot of the Guard is new



  and Mysticon's Troobian Wand that Morgana gave him




Piggy is an original creation, not something from Sentai.  

Silverhead  Gineka and the 2 other Monsters    




Mora's Monsters 


Objects and Arsenal That Are Exclusive







Mora's Containment Card
Gruumm being contained in the Containment Carrd






A-Squad Red Ranger's Device on her left arm








    and his Sword



Dr. Felix 


This creation was in Sentai but Power Rangers' crew recreated it in order to make their own prop of it for whatever reason.  

Valko's Planet









These were the two beings that were Nova Ranger (left) and Omega Ranger (right) respectively