How come you're referring to things as different names?

In most cases it's just to differentiate things like for example the Zeo Laser Pistols. None of the Pistols, even when they have the Swords/Blades in them have different names so it's mostly just a case to differentiate them so it's easier on me.

How come there are typos on your site?


Simple, I'm a human and I type fast and I don't always catch all of my typos until after I upload the pages and in most cases I don't feel like fixing the typo right then and there because I feel working on other pages is more important than fixing little typos for right now but if you happen to see a typo then let me know.

The Contact Page can be found on the main page of the site.

Why are you doing this site considering Sodders had made a couple and SirStack is doing his work on his Morphylogeny site?


Simple, their work on their own respective sites is appreciated but what they did isn't exactly the same thing that I'm doing. SirStack just basically details what  Sentai footage is used in each episode. I mostly wanted to detail what the new footage is. While all of us have done comparisons, my own comparison work isn't going to be in the same vein as their work because I will also be including new footage as well as trying to point out what is new footage much like Sodders did with "Power Rangers Uncensored" however it won't be a case of a scene-by-scene comparison like Sodders did, it's just mostly a case of trying to document all of the props and suits that had new footage.

Why are you using different monster names compared to other fandom names for monsters other items?


Unless it's a name said in-show or by Bandai of America or said within a script, I'm just going to give it a name that will try to suit it that will fit me and this site. On top of that, some of the fan names for monsters and other things isn't in the same vein as what the writers would probably come up with but neither are my names.

Why didn't you compare Skull Cavern scenes?
Unfortunately even though I really wanted to compare Skull Cavern scenes, I decided it was too much of a headache and just decided to point out the new footage that I saw. There were too many instances where various episodes pulled Skull Cavern scenes from other GoGoV episodes so it would have been very hard to compare. This will apply for The Nexus, The Underworld, The Temple, The Netherworld and any other Sentai bases that Power Rangers keeps.

How are you doing your comparisons?
My comparisons aren't going to be as detailed as Sodders' comparisons are. That's not the objective of my site. The main objective of my idea is to at least give you a main idea in regards to how different Power Rangers and Super Sentai both are, that's the main objective. The main objective is not meant to be a literal comparison between shows. Another main objective of this site is to catalog exactly what Ranger suits, Ranger arsenal, zords and monsters have new footage.

What's your favorite season of Power Ranges?
I don't have a single favorite season instead I like various seasons notably In Space, Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force and RPM. Dino Charge is not over yet so I'm not going to judge it as a favorite season yet until it's over.

Here are the reasons as to why I like each season.

Space = Rangers looking for Zordon, Dark Specter, Ecliptor's relationship with Astronema and Darkonda, Astronema and Andros.
Galaxy = Deviot, Lost GalactaBeasts, Lights of Orion, Magna Defender mostly just the original one since he had more of a story to him, Space/Galaxy teamup including Kendrix temporarily dying since I thought it was a nice touch that the Rangers don't always win with a happy outcome, Karone returning.
Time Force = Eric and the whole Ransik and Frax stuff. Circuit too and I thought the Battle Fire Ranger was awesome for a Battlizer as well as its Finisher copying off of the Lightspeed Megazord's Finisher which I thought was cool since I thought they should've done more things like that to reference Sentai.
Wild Force = Jindrax and Toxica's relationship, Master Org's story, Jindrax and Toxica's rivalry with Taylor and Alyssa respectively, Zen-Aku, Nayzor and Mandilok. Mesogog = Basically just Kira, Tommy, Mesogog and the whole thing involving the corrupted White Dino Gem that made the powers evil. Mystic Force = basically just Koragg, the Ten Terrors, Leanbow and Daggeron's story and the whole thing involving Udonna finding out that Nick is Bowen her and Leanbow's son. Piggy was also a cool character too. The Dragon Fire Ranger was also a nice design for a Battlizer not so much its weapons though.
RPM = just because of how serious and dark it was and because although Dr. K was a genius she wasn't very nice at all and I did like how they allowed Summer (Ranger Yellow) to be their second-in-command.

Do you have any episodes of Sentai or Power Ranges on VHS or DVD?
I do have Zyuranger and Dairanger on DVD but otherwise that's it for my Sentai collection until Shout! Factory releases Kakuranger and in regards to Power Rangers all I have is the big Legacy boxset that they had released as well as a couple Samurai DVDs and the rest of my Power Rangers collection would be video recordings on VHS tapes from when they had aired on Fox Kids and sometimes during the Jetix block on ABC Family.