This is the Grid's Power Rangers FAQ. Any questions that I feel would be frequently ask by visitors to my site will be added here.

How many Sentai seasons are there and when were they aired?

There are 40 Sentai seasons.

Goranger (the first Sentai) aired from 1975-1977.
JAKQ (the 2nd Sentai) aired 1977.
Battle Fever J (3rd) aired 1979-180. (first to become “Super Sentai.” co-production with Toei Marvel)
Denjiman (4th) aired from 1980-1981.
Sun Vulcan (5th) aired from 1981 to 1982.
Goggle Five (6th) aired from 1982 to 1983.
Dynaman (7th) aired from 1983-1984.
Bioman (8th) aired from 1984-1985.
Changeman (9th)  aired from 1985-1986.
Flashman (10th) aired from 1986-1987.
Maskman (11th) aired from 87-88.
Liveman (12th) aired from 88-89.
Turboranger (13th) aired from 89-90.
Fiveman (14th) from 1990-1991.
Jetman (15th) from 1991-1992.
ZyuRanger (16th) from 1992-1993.
DaiRanger (17th) from 93-94.
KakuRanger (18th) from 94-95.
OhRanger (19th) from 95-96.
CarRanger (20th) from 96-97.
MegaRanger (21th) from 97-98.
Gingman (22nd) from 98-99.
GoGoV (23rd) from 99-2000.
TimeRanger (24th) from 2000-2001.
GaoRanger (25th) from 2001-2002.
Hurricanger (26th) from 2002-2003.
Abaranger  (27th) from 2003-2004.
Dekaranger (28th) from 2004-2005.
Magiranger (29th) from 2005-2006.
Boukenger (30th) from 2006-2007.
Gekiranger (31st) from 2007-2008.
Go-Onger (32nd) from 2008-2009.
Shinkenger (33rd) from 2009-2010.
Goseiger (34th) from 2010-2011.
Gokaiger (35th from 2011-2012.
Go-Busters (36th) from 2012-2013.
Kyoruger (37th) from 2013-2014.
ToQger (38th) from 2014-2015.
Ninninger (39th) from 2015-2016.
Zyuohger (40th) from 2016-2017.

How did the Red Rangers get their powers back for "Forever Red" in Wild Force?
Jason's powers were the only ones that were restored. T.J's Turbo power was never destroyed, it was just lost in the Turbo finale due to the fact Eltar had fallen to evil forces, this is supported by Justin saying that Eltar is the source of their powers.
Now in regards to Jason, anything is a possibility in regards to how he got his powers back. Zordon's energy wave could have restored them, they could have restored itself since it's a magical artifact, they could have found Ninjor again and he repaired it, a Ranger could have found the necessary means to repair the Coin or even Jason's Coin could be the stolen one that was used in the comics by the Dark Rangers although I do NOT support the theory with Jason having a Power Coin from one of the Dark Rangers.

How come evil is still around even though Zordon's energy wave destroyed the evil?
Simple, Zordon never said his good energy wave would destroy all the evil in the universe because that's just not possible or logical. His goal was only to destroy whoever was currently actively assaulting the universe as well as planet Earth so his good energy wave only hit those within the United Alliance of Evil who were currently active, this is why Serpentera along with the remaining Machine Empire Generals such as Venjix and Tezzla were still alive or around. Serpentera wasn't a threat at the time since only Rita and Zedd had any interest in it and they didn't have the know-how to keep it powered up all the time.
Here's evidence that would support this claim. Here's the conversation Zordon and the Red Space Ranger had in "Countdown To Destruction, Part 2."
Zordon: "Andros, listen to me. There's not much time. The forces of evil have already captured most of the universe soon they will capture the Earth."
Red Ranger: "Yes, I know."
Zordon: "You can stop it from happening."
Red Ranger: "How? Tell me."
Zordon: "Shatter my energy tube."
Red Ranger: "No!"
Zordon: "Only the good energy from my tube can destroy the forces of evil."
Red Ranger: "But Zordon, what's going to happen to you?"
Zordon: "I will be gone but my spirit will forever live in all that is good."

How many Rangers are there?
As of Robo Knight, there have been a total of 113 Rangers but that's also counting people such as Karone who shared their Ranger power with another Ranger. I'm also counting Mike, Daggeron and Leanbow as Rangers because they have the ability to morph and to even up the score. There is the debate in the fandom in regards to whether Mike, Daggeron and Leanbow are Rangers or not but currently it's all a matter of opinion and what each person thinks. In my view, a person is a Ranger if they can morph and if they have access to a giant assault vehicle which is a zord in this case.
We have no info on whether Phantom Ranger is even human or not so we don't know if he morphs from a physical being or entity or not but he's considered a Ranger even though his only zord is Artillatron which he gave to the Turbo Rangers due to the fact it houses the Rescuezords so as of right now until proven otherwise I'm counting Mike, Daggeron and Leanbow as Rangers, they're just a different kind of Ranger.

How do they film the zord footage?
That's simple. When it comes to zords that are humanoid such as the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, the Dragonzord or any of the Megazord stuff, those are just instances where they build a set with miniature buildings and have a stunt crew wear suits. All of the Megazord suits along with any of the humanoid suits or humanoid-like suits like the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord for example are nothing more than costumes.
In cases such as the MegaDragonzord being in Titanus for the Ultrazord formation, that is just a studio model of the Megazord.
In cases such as the Ninja Ultrazord and the Shogun Ultrazord, those are just shots of the Bandai of America toy of the zords due to the fact it's new footage since the Ultrazord didn't exist in "Kakuranger."
In cases such as Pyramidas when it comes to Power Rangers using new footage of it, most notably in "Do I Know You?" and "Revelations of Gold," it's a mixture of the American toy and CGI.
CGI is more common with the non-humanoid zords in "Wild Force" on both sides, Japan and America.
Nowadays when it comes to the Megazord footage, a lot of it is still done with costumes regardless but they use CGI for the scenes that are next-to-impossible to film.

Who is the Phantom Ranger?
No one knows. It was long thought that he was a ghost robot since that's what some people who worked for "Turbo" had originally came up with. A ghost robot that embodies all of the Rangers' powers/spirits. There was originally planned a scene where his identity is revealed which would have extended "Countdown To Destruction" to 3 parts instead of the 2 we got but because of the order Fox Kids gave, it would have gave them an extra episode over their order and they declined.

Why can characters breath in outer space and the Moon?
Basically all I can say is that the Power Rangers universe is a magical universe. Now we can excuse characters being able to breathe on the Moon because it's likely Rita set up a magical barrier or spell of sorts on the Moon so that people can breathe on the Moon however in regards to other scenes where characters can breathe in outer space or elsewhere, it's likely a case of the Space being protected in some sense by a magical force.

What was Zordon's Master Plan?
No one knows except for characters such as Alpha 6 who hinted at it after he unlocked the code that would allow the NASADA Space Shuttle to combine with Andros' Astro Megaship to form the Astro Megazord however it's my belief that Zordon's main goal was to always have the Earth protected be his Master Plan regardless of whether he was still alive or not. I truly believe that things that have happened only happened because he set it up that way.

How come Zordon was destroyed in the Space finale? I thought he couldn't be destroyed as long as he was in a tube?
That's simple. Long before the series started, Rita had Zordon trapped in a time warp. Somehow through magical connections and possibly a little bit of luck, the Command Center was built and Zordon established a direct connection through the plasma tube there and the connection remained even though the location of the plasma tube changed after the Command Center was destroyed and their new base was the Power Chamber. At the start of Turbo, Lerigot returns to give Zordon his freedom as Zordon states as clear as day. Here's the conversation that is done between Zordon and Adam in order to prove it.
Zordon: "There is no easy way to tell you this, Rangers."
Adam: "Tell us what?"
Zordon: "Lerigot has returned to give me my freedom. I will soon return to my home planet to rejoin my own family. I realize this is difficult, Rangers but the time has come to bid farewell."

 This means that Lerigot wound up freeing Zordon from the time warp. This is why originally Zordon couldn't be destroyed because his physical presence wasn't necessarily in the Command Center/Power Chamber's plasma tube, it was just of sorts a communication channel.. At the start of Space, Zordon is placed inside another tube however Zordon refers to this tube as an "energy tube." This energy tube has Zordon's physical essence in it which is why he could be destroyed after Andros shattered it.

Why didn't Kim need the Sword of Light in order to transfer her Pink Power Coin to Kat in Season 3?
That's a good question but I believe there are a few points to make. For 1 thing, it was just 1 Coin being transferred, the Sword of Light is only used when it comes to a great deal amount of power being transferred. Zordon basically said as much in "The Power Transfer" when it was found out the Mastodon, Saber-Toothed Tiger and Tyrannosaurus Coins would have to be transferred. Here's the short conversation after Zordon said that a power transfer must be carried out, Tommy had asked "Is it possible?" and Zordon replied with "It is possible but very difficult, because of the enormous amounts of power required, the transfer can only be achieved in one place, you must travel to the Deserted Planet."
Secondly, Kimberly's Coin wasn't linked to her life force anymore so she wasn't as bonded with it most likely due to the power source being altered.

Why do the Rangers change their powers/suits every year? Why is there a cast change every year after Space?
It's a matter of costs in most cases. Seasons 2 and 3 of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" features a lot of new footage and that costs more than using the Sentai footage that's already there, this is pretty much the main reason why they change the suits every year.
In the case of the cast change, it's a matter of also wanting to keep costs down. They don't want to give actors an increase in salary so they only keep them around for 1 season.

What's the deal with the changing of ownership situation?
That's a simple concept really. Haim Saban had owned Fox Family Worldwide but he sold it to Disney in 2001. Because of that decision, everything that was included in "Fox Family Worldwide" went to Disney which included the Fox Family Channel and all of the library of shows such as Spider-man, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers, Digimon and even Power Rangers.
In May of 2010, it was announced that Disney sold the Power Rangers franchise back to Haim Saban. Because of this move, everything Disney-related in the world had to cease their Power Rangers activities as of August of 2010. In the deal, Saban Brands also re-acquired Beetleborgs, Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

Why did certain actors leave the show?
It was always a belief that Walter Jones, Thuy Trang and Austin St. John left the show because they wanted a salary increase and Saban wouldn't give in to their demands however that might not be the case with Thuy because she was planning on leaving no matter what.
Amy Jo Johnson left because her contract was expiring and she wasn't interested in renewing the contract.
David Yost, it was at first believed he left because he was unhappy with the crew most notably, it was probably because he didn't like how they were handling his Billy character however David Yost revealed in an interview that he left the show because he was sick and tired of some crew members and their remarks in regards to him being gay, gay as in that's his sexual orientation.
There are various debates in regards to why Steve Cardenas left but the most common one is because he had injured himself while doing stunt work.

Why do Walter, Thuy and Austin's characters of Zack, Trini and Jason sound so different in Season 2?
That's because those voice-over sessions were done after Walter, Thuy and Austin had already "left" or went on strike. Voice-over sessions which are also known as "ADR sessions" are 1 of the very last things they do for an episode.

Why isn't "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" in continuity with the rest of the Power Rangers TV season?
There are some reasons in regards to why the first movie isn't in continuity with the show but I'm sure most of it has to do with the fact that they had new writers for the movie who had nothing to do with Saban's production of the show.
Another reason is because they wanted a plot for the movie that showcases new zords but without showing them in a costume or using toy shots of them so they decided to go with the story they mapped out however because the show writers decided to go with a new idea for Season 3 in order to introduce their Ninjazords, the movie was placed out-of-continuity.

What happened to the Ninjazords and Shogunzords?
No one really knows for sure but it's likely a case of Master Vile's manipulation of time and the Zeo Crystal's restoration of time. It's a belief that those 2 things likely cause things to go back to before Rito appeared in a sense meaning while Rito is still around, the Rangers never found the Temple which meant they never got the Ninjazords which meant the Shogunzords were never found. People who have possession of magical powers like the Coins or Zeonizers likely still remember about the zords and Ninjor but it's a mystery as to whether Aisha still remembers all of that or not. It's a safe bet that Aisha remembers since she still remembers Tanya but I can't be that certain.

Why did they write Tommy off the show but then they decided to bring him back?
They wrote him off with no intention of ever bringing him back but because of letters that were being sent in, they decided to bring Tommy back.

Are S.P.D, Time Force and RPM in continuity?
Yes, they are. It's clear S.P.D. and Time Force are in continuity but I don't think there's any relation to their powers or anything except for the case of S.P.D. originally designing a power that looks similar in design to the Red Time Force powers.
In regards to RPM, while it's canon and was intended to be out-of-continuity by the original Head Producer, I do believe it's in continuity even though "Clash of the Red Rangers" claimed that it was in another dimension.

How can Tommy and Dana become Doctors so quickly?
In regards to Tommy, I'm not really sure what exactly the big deal is when it comes to him becoming a Doctor, I mean he went to College after he retired from a Turbo Ranger and college years usually take about 4 years which meant he would have graduated college during Lightspeed or Time Force but I'm not sure how the whole Doctor thing works so I'm not an expert on things such as that but in regards to Dana, it's likely her status as not only a Lightspeed employee but her status as a Lightspeed Ranger expedited her proceess in regards to becoming a Doctor much quicker.

How come there aren't any female Red Rangers?
There are 2 reasons for this. One of which because most Red Rangers are leaders and secondly because toys of female characters don't sell as well for whatever reason. Super Sentai is just like Power Rangers, they rely heavily on toy sales.

Why was "Kendrix" killed off when she destroyed the Savage Sword?
That's a simple but disappointing story to tell. Her actress, Valerie Vernon had been diagnosed with leukemia so she had to take some time off in order to undergo treatment for it.

How many Rangers do not wear their Morphers?

  1. Tommy as the White Ranger doesn't wear his Morpher.
  2. White Alien Ranger doesn't wear her Morpher since she doesn't have one.
  3. Black Alien Ranger - see 2.
  4. Blue Alien Ranger - see 2.
  5. Yellow Alien Ranger - see 2.
  6. Red Alien Ranger - see 2.
  7. Zeo Ranger 1, Pink.
  8. Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow.
  9. Zeo Ranger 3, Blue.
  10. Zeo Ranger 4, Green.
  11. Zeo Ranger 5, Red.
  12. Gold Ranger.
  13. Green Turbo
  14. Pink Turbo
  15. Blue Turbo
  16. Yellow Turbo
  17. Red Turbo
  18. Phantom
  19. Black Space
  20. Pink Space
  21. Blue Space
  22. Yellow Space
  23. Red Space
  24. Silver Ranger
  25. Green Galaxy
  26. Pink Galaxy
  27. Blue Galaxy
  28. Yellow Galaxy
  29. Red Galaxy
  30. Magna Defender
  31. Green Lightspeed
  32. Pink Lightspeed
  33. Blue Lightspeed
  34. Yellow Lightspeed
  35. Red Lightspeed
  36. Titanium
  37. Iron Bison Black Ranger
  38. White Ranger
  39. Surging Shark Blue Ranger
  40. Soaring Eagle Yellow Ranger
  41. Blazing Lion Red Ranger
  42. Lunar Wolf Ranger
  43. Crimson Thunder Ranger
  44. Navy Thunder Ranger
  45. Green Samurai Ranger
  46. Green S.P.D.
  47. Pink S.P.D.
  48. Blue S.P.D.
  49. Yellow S.P.D.
  50. Red S.P.D.
  51. Shadow Ranger
  52. Kat Ranger
  53. White Mystic Ranger
  54. Green Mystic
  55. Pink Mystic
  56. Blue Mystic
  57. Yellow Mystic
  58. Red Mystic
  59. Solaris Knight
  60. Wolf Warrior
  61. Black Overdrive
  62. Pink Overdrive
  63. Blue Overdrive
  64. Yellow Overdrive
  65. Red Overdrive
  66. Mercury Ranger
  67. Red Jungle Fury Ranger
  68. Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger
  69. Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
  70. Rhino Ranger
  71. Ranger Red
  72. Ranger Blue
  73. Ranger Yellow
  74. Ranger Gold
  75. Ranger Silver
  76. Green Samurai Ranger
  77. Pink Samurai
  78. Blue Samurai
  79. Yellow Samurai
  80. Red Samurai
  81. Gold Ranger
  82. female Red Samurai Ranger
  83. Green Dino Charge Ranger
  84. Black Dino Charge
  85. Pink Dino Charge
  86. Blue Dino Charge
  87. Red Dino Charge
  88. Gold Dino Charge
  89. Graphite Ranger
  90. Purple Ranger

The 5 A-Squad Rangers don't have known Morphers.

How many Rangers don't have holsters?

  1. Gold Ranger
  2. Phantom Ranger
  3. Silver Space Ranger
  4. Titanium Ranger
  5. Green Time Force
  6. Pink Time Force
  7. Blue Time Force
  8. Yellow Time Force
  9. Red Time Force
  10. Omega Ranger
  11. Kat Ranger
  12. Nova Ranger
  13. White Mystic Ranger
  14. Solaris Knight
  15. Wolf Warrior
  16. Yellow Jungle Fury
  17. Red Jungle Fury
  18. Blue Jungle Fury
  19. Rhino Ranger
  20. Wolf Ranger
  21. Jungle Fury Bat Spirit Ranger
  22. Jungle Fury Elephant Spirit Ranger
  23. Jungle Fury Shark Spirit Ranger
  24. Super Megaforce Green
  25. Super Megaforce Pink
  26. Super Megaforce Blue
  27. Super Megaforce Yellow
  28. Super Megaforce Red
  29. Silver Ranger
  30. Green Dino Charge Ranger
  31. Black Dino Charge
  32. Pink Dino Charge
  33. Blue Dino Charge
  34. Red Dino Charge
  35. Gold Ranger
  36. Graphite Ranger
  37. Purple Ranger

The 5 A-Squad Rangers don't have holsters.

Isn't Power Rangers just a rip off of Voltron?
It's not fair to call it a rip-off since Voltron is a joint venture between Worlds Events Productions and Toei Animation but I suppose I should just anaswer the question. The series was created in 1983 however it used material from Japanese cartoons "Beast King GoLion" and "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV."  
No idea when "Beast King GoLion" was originally created but it aired on Japanese TV from March 4, 1981 until February 24, 1982. Because it's a cartoon, it likely was created maybe a year or 2 before its TV release.
No idea when "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV" was created but it aired in Japan from March 3, 1982 until March 23, 1983.
Power Rangers takes footage from "Super Sentai" seasons however Sentai as you can see by my first answer to a frequently asked question started airing in 1975 in Japan so as you can see Power Rangers isn't a rip-off of Voltron, if anything Voltron is a rip-off of Power Rangers even though I don't like that word since Toei assisted in both shows.

What's the deal with this 2017 movie?

Not a whole lot is known about it other than it's a reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a few of the cast members that had been announced. Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin, RC Cyler and Becky G. were announced as playing the main team of Rangers - Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Billy and Trini respectively.
Elizabeth Banks was announced as playing the role of Rita.
David Denman had been announced as playing the role of Jason's Father.

Filming for the movie is being done in Vancouver, British Columbia which is located in Canada and is usually seen as the Hollywood of Canada due to how many productions are usually filmed there.

Will the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ever return?

The odds of a Nickelodeon channel re-airing any of the seasons are very slim due to the series' Netflix exposure and it being released on DVD via Shout! Factory however since Judd "Chip" Lynn is still working on the show due to Executing Producing the 2015-2016 series of Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge and he will also be Executive Producing the 2017 series of "Ninja Steel" while the odds are very slim that all of them will return it is possible that some of them could potentially return if Chip wanted to bring them back. Some actors such as Walter Jones will never return since he's been adamant in the past that he will never work on the show again if it's non-union.

What happened to the Zeo Crystal?

Unfortunately we have no clue. The Zeo powers were last seen active team-wise in the "Zeo finale" and after that the main team was never shown. Some people had assumed that the Crystal was used to help with the upgrade to the Turbo powers but this was proven incorrect due to the evidence of the Red Zeo Ranger and Red Turbo Ranger in "Forever Red" as well as the appearances of both teams in the Legendary Battle.

What happened to the Robot Rangers?

The last time we had last saw was in the one Turbo episode that featured them so people had likely just assumed that they had either remained on Eltar or they were destroyed by Dark Specter's forces when he was trying to conquer the planet with every intention of trying to kidnap Zordon however the Legendary Battle showed the Zeo Rangers and the Turbo Rangers so it's likely that the Turbo Rangers were indeed the Robot Rangers.

Why didn't the Rangers use their Finisher or other configurations before their Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito and the 4 monsters in Ninja Quest?

One of the reasons is because they were getting beaten pretty badly and it had likely just slipped their minds. Yes one could argue that Rito's power wouldn't have made a difference since he had powerful attacks but he wasn't nearly as powerful as say Serpentera usually was so other zords might have been able to take him out.

The other reason why they didn't use the Megatigerzord however is because they didn't have access to the suit more than likely or they were missing necessary accessories in order to film with it since you need the whole package in order to film with a humanoid zord suit.

Are the Ninja Coins truly destroyed for good and forever?

Yes they were destroyed but in the case of Power Rangers pretty much nothing is ever destroyed for good or forever except for in some cases so there is always some way that the Ninja Coins could come back either by Ninjor re-making them or something entirely else.

Do you think Time Force or S.P.D. had anything to do with the Blue Senturion?

Time Force and S.P.D. were both police organizations so it's definitely possible. Not all of the beings in the year 3000 were exceptionally crazy about robots though since both Ransik and Nadira both had shown extreme hatred towards Frax and Ransik had also shown extreme hatred towards Cyclobots and Frax's giant robots that he had constructed. Alex didn't seem that excited about the Rangers having Circuit either but that's just 3 beings out of a big population in the year 3000 so it's not really enough of a tell to determine whether Time Force even had involvement in Blue Senturion or not however there was a video game that S.P.D. played that featured the Blue Senturion so the odds are much higher that S.P.D. might have had in him.